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Laskar Pelangi 2 – Edensor (2013)

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Ikal and Arai win a scholarship to study at the Sorbonne, Paris. Their arrival in Europe are welcomed by cold weather. They are not acceptable in a temporary shelter, for being late and do not tell beforehand. Ikal’s body freezes. Arai tries to rescue him by burrying Ikal’s body with a pile of topsoil. Through the day in Sorbone they sit next to Manooj, Gonjales, and Ninochka. They are members of the Four Pathetic, the most backward group. They work hard to get more money: serving in cafes to singing on the streets. So they can send money to their parents in Belitung. Ikal’s father write to them and hope that his son can be a fertilizer expert or pharmacists. Ikal and Arai already has another dream.

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Genre: Drama
Duration: 87 Min
Language:Bahasa indonesia

Download Laskar Pelangi 2 – Edensor (2013)

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