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Detik Terakhir (2005)

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Regi suffers from depression since childhood, being raised by wealthy parents who have little time for her, but plenty to fight with and cheat on each other. While in college she meets and becomes close to Rajib, a drug dealer. Developing an intense hatred for men, inspired by her violent and insensitive father, she identifies as a lesbian. Her introduction to the drug-scene engulfs her and she develops a cocaine habit which rapidly accelerates into a preference for White China heroin. She meets and falls in love with Rajibs ex drug-dealing partner, Vela, who has already become a hardcore junkie. Her and Vela’s downward spiral into chronic addiction is portrayed powerfully throughout the film as is their intense attachment to each other. The plot (based on a true story) is exceptional in its depiction of the drug problems in Indonesia, the often terrible ‘solutions’ to these problems, and the reasons behind why they occur.

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Genre: Drama
Duration: 97 Min
Language:Bahasa indonesia

Download Detik Terakhir (2005)

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